19-21 april 2019


GHX19 Announcement

We are juiced to announce the GHX19 registration dates! This year, to mix things up and attend to our guests' needs - and to handle a healthy workflow of our servers - we will work like this:

  • For our local peeps in Belgium: registrations open on the 13th of January at 19:00 CET.
  • For our splendiforous guests from all over the galaxy: registrations open at 20:00 CET on the same day.
  • For the late nighters and Sunday dancers: You can purchase your Late-Night or Sunday Afternoon tickets on the 17th of February

Feel like spicing up your GHX19 experience? Then definitely choose (one or more of) these extra's while registering:

  • Sunday Blues Night at Missy Sippy (€15, limited spots for Full Pass registrants)
  • Tasty Sunday Brunch by our Swingin' Chef (€15, 150 spots for Full Pass registrants)
  • City Boat Tour, we don't have all details yet but you can indicate your interest in participating already. We'll contact you afterwards.

And to make it an Exchange with capital E:

  • Sign up as a volunteer. Join the wonderful GHX19 exchange crew and give your fellow dancers a helping hand. For every volunteer shift you get a ticket for our GHX Volunteer Raffle. The prize? A GHX20 pass!
  • Sign up for hosting. It's a great way to meet new dancing friends. And for those wonderful Ghent people who are willing to host: you might also win a GHX20 pass