Seven years, baby!



The Bangs Sisters Friday

Ferah and Maaike, the Bangs Sisters, are back to blow your wig on opening night. These molls will make you feel so welcome, you'll be fighting to buy them a 'Duvel'!

SEp Saturday

Do we need to introduce this 'MC extraordinaire'? A born entertainer and GHX regular, Sep promises to make our Saturday Gentse Hoppers Ball a sizzlin' party.

Stoff Sunday

The Sunday tea dance will be something to remember. The delicious brunch, 't Mouvement going crazy, and a lot of smiling faces. All this MC'ed together by your favourite barber, DJ and longtime Gentse Hopper, Stoff.


The Hop Sh Bam Connection (PLUS) Friday night

Excellent swing band from Ghent, brilliantly guided by Marie-Anne Standaert (trumpet+vocals). The Hop Sh Bam Connection performed at the first GHX. They've played for us every single year since then!

The quintet plays the real swinging stuff from the the early 20's to the late 50's. Their biggest inspiration? The repertoire of the marvellous NYC ballrooms of those years, like the Savoy Ballroom.

Especially for GHX17, the Hop Sh Bam Connection transforms itself into a 'PLUS' version. Expect extra groovin' sounds and a marvelous guest appearance!

My Sweet Devil Saturday afternoon

Because it is very difficult to resist temptation, the 5 members of the band My Sweet Devil, enthusiastically and flawlessly surrendered! Their repertoire may come from far and undetermined places, but it always echoes and fetches sweet memories from their 'Zinneke souls', in a heart beat.

They dared to travel across times and oceans to dig songs from the American jazz and blues pioneers or modern musicians, wandering about the New Orleans or the Roots scene. They share their music with generosity and make the moment a celebration.

Jake Walker Saturday afternoon

Jake Walker = 'A paralysis or loss of muscle control in the hands and feet, due to an overconsumption of Jamaican ginger, a.k.a. Jake, a legal substance with an alcoholic base. The numbness led sufferers to walk with a distinct manner.'

Seven Ghent jazz musicians revive the scintillating sounds of the 20's and 30's. Not only do they bring back to life Louis Armstrong and Jelly Roll Morton, they also write their own songs. The fiery swing of Jake Walker is bound to pull you onto the dance floor.

Lamoral Saturday afternoon

Lamoral was conceived at the start of 2015 through the meeting of the wellknown jazz man Koen De Cauter and some promising and driven young musicians.

The quartet brings a mixture of jazz classics, mainly from the Django repertoire, along with elaborations of forgotten melodies and own compositions. The joy they feel during their concerts is tangible. Without loosing sight of the authentic beauty of melodies, they keep on searching for the most unexpected daring improvisations and explore it’s limits as far as possible.

Lester's Blues Saturday night

Inspired by 1930's small band recordings of Count Basie and his alumni, Lester's Blues want to approach their music, style, vibe and effortless swing that changed the face of jazz with a fresh and vigorous touch.

The septet is composed of leading Belgian and Dutch seasoned jazz and swing players, each having earned their stripes through many years of gigging and practice. They will surely cater for a stomping party!

Henry's Dance Orchestra Saturday night

Henry's Dance Orchestra plays really old music from the Americas. They formed in New Orleans, from members of several street performing groups who have all taken their influence from the blues, jazz and stringband recordings from the 20's and 30's.

Their repertoire includes new arrangments of tunes originally recorded by groups like The Dixieland Jug Blowers, Frenchy’s Stringband, Lionel Belasco, Sara Martin, Lonnie Johnson and King Oliver, played on clarinet, banjo-mandolin, washboard, violin and a foot-operated tuba of their own design not played or seen since the 19th century.

Reverent Juke Saturday night & Sunday night (+ guests)

Meet Reverent Juke: a ‘danceband’ grown out of the collaboration between the dancer, Sep Vermeersch, and the arranger Mathieu Najean. They are devoted to play for the dances that boosted the origins of swing. Or let’s say, they juke the hell out of jazz!

They play ad lib, or rearranged tunes by Jelly Roll Morton, Louis Armstrong, Duke Ellington, Count Basie, Fletcher Henderson, Chick Webb, Earl Hines and even Buddy Johnson. Reverent Juke plays the classic and some gems from the golden age of swing!

Big Band ’t Mouvement Sunday afternoon

This bunch of musicians (25!) rehearse every week under the guidance of trumpet player Marie-Anne Standaert to study a variety of old (and modern) big band music.

With lots of respect for the traditional (big band) jazz, they examine the smooth tunes, the nice grooves and especially the right energy of old danceable repertoire from musicians/composers like Duke Ellington, Count Basie, Fletcher Henderson and many many more.

‘t Mouvement serves you genius swing music, high level dancing energy, inspired by the atmosphere of the New York ballrooms in the old days!



Kris has been collecting music for about twenty years. But the real interest in swing, jazz and blues and its history came with discovering and dancing the Lindy Hop.

He started his DJ career about seven years ago at local events in Gent (Belgium), where he also was a dance teacher in the Lindy Hop scene. DJ’ing and dancing brought him to several places in Europe, like Lindy Shock, Herräng Dance Camp, Snowball, ESDC, and his 'home event' Gentse Hoppers Exchange.

Kris loves trying to build up the energy on the floor or keeping it intimate with the best of slow drag. Creating the biggest possible fun for feet and soul, that’s what he aims for.

Reverend Turner (Matt)

Matt has been collecting and playing music for decades. For him, it’s the thrill of finding the right sounds to propel people onto the dance floor and keep them there that feeds his musical passion.

DJ co-ordinator at Herrang, European Swing Dance Championships, DJ’ing swing, balboa, blues across the UK and Europe, as well as Funk & Soul, and ‘vintage remixed’ - Matt’s unique blend of tunes from the 20's - 40's in conjunction with those that echo swing from beyond the swing era, make his a set not to be missed!


As a swing dancer, teacher and organiser of swing events, Marijke became more interested in swing music. It helped her to become a better dancer and teacher, too.

She enjoyes seeing people move to the tunes she plays. She believes music is so important in the way you move!


Yana Sanamyantz has been listening to jazz from a tender age, because of her father, a jazz pianist. She started to dj for swing dancers three years ago, after one year of lindy hop. Since then she has been playing every weekend in Russia and Europe.

In her sets she prefers to stay with the big bands, but spices it up with some dixie, piano boogie and a bit of modern swing.


Sep Vermeersch is a fulltime ‘Jazztertainer’. He is a versatile professional: dancer, Dj, teacher, MC, organiser,... based in Gent, Belgium. The combination of his educational background and daily professional practice makes him a unique person to work with. His energy and passion for the dance, music, art and vintage business made him a welcomed guest in many projects in Belgium and around Europe.

As a Dj for vernacular jazzdancers he prioritizes the ‘feel’ of the music. He likes to select a mix of original Savoy ‘stompers’, unknown gems, the best ‘overplayed’ songs and above all, tenor saxophone power ;)

Duqie Barcrawl

An avid dancer for eight years now, Duqie first encountered Lindy Hop through the rockabilly scene.

He has a very broad taste in music, with a greater interest in swingjazz and blues in the last couple of years, courtesy of his love of dancing and Lindy Hop parties :-)

Christophe Vermeire Barcrawl

Blues and jazz lover for years, he discovered swing dance only seven years ago and was immediately fascinated by the harmony between music and movement.

Now, he is proud and honoured to be spinning the decks at GHX for the second time. He hopes you enjoy your time on the dancefloor.

René Zwelneger Barcrawl

Let the good times roll with the local DJ René Zwelneger. He is unpredictable, unreliable & rebellious.

But one thing is certain: your roots will thrill all over when dancing on his selection of tunes!