6-8 april 2018



The Gentse Hoppers Exchange is more than just a weekend of dancing; it is all about feeling joy and energy running through your veins. It is a get-together in an authentic Flemish city between locals and visitors, and it has an atmosphere that comes to life when you gather a bunch of people who spread good vibes.

Our organisation wishes to maintain an environment in which everyone can feel included, comfortable and safe. Whichever gender you relate to, whether you are purple, enjoy wearing stripes, or have a thing for unicorns, what is most important to know is that we welcome diversity.

We strive for all people to be able to experience the joy of dancing without feeling intimidated or left-out. If anything were to compromise this, we will act accordingly.


Together we can build a community that embraces differences, where people listen to each other, and where everyone is mutually respected.


Not feeling comfortable, welcome or safe at GHX18? Please don't hesitate to tell us. Look for Ferah or Frederic, your GHX Confidants. They're happy to listen to what is on your mind.

GHX18 team
GHX18 team